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Group became the City of ideological and political work of the first members of the study

January 3, 2014 , Zhangjiagang City, ideological and political work study will be formally established and held its first membership meeting , the company became the first member of the Policy Research Council , deputy party secretary of the company , was elected the first general manager ZHANG Guang-yao Council.

Zhangjiagang Policy Research will be all kinds of ideological and political work at all levels of research organizations and individual voluntary form of the city's academic research community , is a non-profit public organization . Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister Yang Fang attended the meeting and appointed as honorary president. Policy Research will be a total of 79 members , and the need to focus on the central task of the party's actual work to research and case studies as the main form , application of theoretical research organizations ideological and political work , to play a " think tank ", " think tank established after action group " in a timely manner to reflect the parties concerned put forward opinions and suggestions work .

2014 , the government will carry out research " how ideological and political work for the full service reform and opening ," research "' Chinese Dream' mission and strengthen ideological and political work attractive cohesion " and other aspects of the twelve .


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