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Fu Hua Chang

East of the new building since Huachang famous beauty . Hope clouds building , Seduction drag wide belt. Phi Mu Asaka and dawn, embrace the moon and biological China . Tiao delivery Xiang Kun , flying wing Tianqu ; Pina HE Yan , gathered painted beams . Xuan south balcony , opening the East China Sea , columns, windows are North Kan Qi Changjiang . Floral , Mibu with planting ; fountain gurgling , unique voiceless .

Viewing hygiene conditions, Duwusiren , dependents and then recalled with emotion . Since HuaChuang built achievement why so ? Be as Germany also ! When Nang , Liu , Zhu cattle heads , the smaller Dade , is thatch cover , Mongolia thorns , hunger does not eat , sleep insomnia, serve begun regulation copy for County leaders. Sri Lanka two male persons , Cong Rui Dizhe , incentives backward , Chun civil chapters do their best . So the concept of this protracted German division for Prudential also dare not Gaoshanyangzhi Down? If the reform and opening up to , huachang talent Biaobiao , like surging Wenshui . Tang , leaves, Pang , Zhu , emblem Sophie Yi Gong, pregnant allegiance of honesty, repair the good of Germany, according to the king of the potential, forge ahead , the occasion and the expansion of operations , promoting reform, build new district , seeking financing, planning the Centennial blueprint to its economic power , g into Shu Ji , Albert Shao complex predecessors , the power hell ! Today, Wu peers or bad or off , only chang windy in the south , where Kazuya ? Both Germany also ! Its motto reads: as we all think, for the country due diligence , hard work for the industry , for their own learning . Africa and Germany high of disabilities, special theory of evil know this Jesus ?

Alas ! A man of the heart, the heart of millions of people . When the idea of the older generations travail , harbor Xin Germany to phase Xu Mian , my best one, folders auxiliary chang . Wise people do not like their plan , people are not leaving their force , Ke wish to duty, exposing the testimonies . If this line , chang is not exhausted excellence , inside and outside the cozy prospects immeasurable . God no pro, but Germany is to follow, which is the so-called peace?


Author He Xiaowei , September 19 at Xin Mao

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