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Group won the City League 2013 annual "Four red flag League" Honor

January 27, 2014 1:30 pm , Xinyuan Resort Conference Center on the first floor multi-purpose hall , Zhangjiagang Municipal League fourth session, held three plenary ( enlarged) meeting , the Minister of Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Caibing Feng , Vice Mayor Shao Junmin attended the meeting. Meeting adopted a municipal corporation members stepped down , replacement confirmed case ( draft ) , the members listened carefully to the work report of the Mission City HE Jian secretary of the Communist Youth League in 2013 the city "youth accomplishment modernization" as its theme, the overall situation around the party , consolidate grassroots foundation , dedicated to serving youth , unite and lead the youth league members have knowledge in the City of modernization , a director , and something to . Mission work in 2014 to focus on three aspects: First , to become the vanguard of service development , build youth " Dream " stage ; Second, the expansion of the main channel of the service of young people to explore the youth "Dream " path ; Third, as a service force of society , strengthening of youth "Dream " foundation. Contribute their wisdom and strength for the city comprehensively promote the " 810 Project" and " Six enhance action" demonstration area striving Sunan modern vanguard ! Minister of Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Caibing Feng league organizations should focus on the requirements of the city's core focus , innovation, improve the style of the three aspects of work to do in 2014 , to adhere League Construction Group to build integrated into party building ; issue to establish awareness , strengthen problem oriented work from reality ; measures to be effective, and to come up with pragmatic and effective way ; serving the masses to stand the test of building work to go on a mission of service transformation ; League cadres to improve the style , strengthen self-construction efforts build a strong style team.
Will lead to innovation and excellence for the 2013 Annual Achievement Award in 2013, Zhangjiagang City, four red flag annual Youth League , Mission Branch awarded honorary certificates !
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