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Love was in the Department of City Ya An Huachang chemical fertilizer donated disaster

At 9:30 on May 28, 2013 , Huachang Chemical a hanging " Huachang Chemical hand in Ya'an relief " banners, load up to 40 tons emphatically " gold card" fertilizer heavy truck slowly pulled out from the factory after two days, the car will go through more than two thousand kilometers long journey , arrived in Ya'an , Sichuan Lushan County , will unite these huachang staff caring hands of fertilizer to the affected people .

April 20 Ya'an, Sichuan Lushan 7.0 earthquake occurred since the chemical industry is very concerned about the life and huachang reconstruction work of the people, when informed of the urgent need to rebuild agriculture in Ya'an Lushan agricultural production , the company immediate action, decided to donate 40 tons of high quality composite fertilizer, to help people in disaster areas through. Dohi department in cooperation with Sichuan , in accordance with local disaster crop cultivation and soil fertility status , working overtime to produce 40 tons of soil types suited to local soil testing fertilizer.

As with the country's "small nitrogen Star Enterprise" , the national fertilizer industry "top ten enterprises " and other national crown Huachang Chemical , over the years , the company in the development process , has been the " lives of the poor , justice and benefit into account, the development of enterprises , contribute society " as a motto for enterprise development, and actively fulfill their social responsibility to actively participate in social welfare and lives of the poor actions go. After the earthquake in Ya'an , the company inherited responsibility for the past , provide assistance to affected people rebuild their homes.

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