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Culture Volunteer: Shaoyin Feng

Shao Yinfneg is an executive chang Glorious Pharmaceutical Group subsidiary , is also a volunteer with five years of seniority , culture volunteers versatile . In further deepen the " learning from Lei Feng - home to Suzhou · practicing ' five good ,'" volunteer service brand activities, voluntary service team by independent recommendation , Suzhou volunteers intelligence cloud platform and mobile Internet voting members of the Coordinating Committee of Suzhou volunteer units joint award, awarded " excellent four-star Suzhou volunteers," the honorary title Suzhou City volunteer Association.

2009 Double Ninth Festival , to be a volunteer Shaoyin Feng friend invitation came Yangshe nursing home condolences. First close contact with these families to leave the elderly,邵银凤from the old people's eyes to read them the kind of home, relatives, reunion desire to feel a strong impact on the mind , but also know to help profound implications for the storm to help the weak . " When they were there with a little sentimental , but I still insist smile to say goodbye ," she clearly remember the scene of the first to volunteer . "This is just a start, I will participate in more volunteer activities , harvest more moved and understand" ! She secretly for their own morale .

She did just that , volunteer activities has become an important component of her daily life . From last year to this year, " hand in hand with disabilities tour City ," " Sunshine in a wheelchair ," " warm 3 +1 activity" and other activities , she visited poor families to take the lead , they will each bring some supplies, health care products , etc., to see what are in need of help , as long as they can do it, will try to resolve one by one , sincerely hope from life , from the spiritual to the warmth of their community . As a volunteer she recorded the theme song of love " love light " sings : "I am the numerous world stars, illuminating the entire city and the village, when the dolphin hot heart , condensate take the power of love , you will see every a smile bloom ...... "a song she sang in numerous volunteer activities in love , every time she sang cheerful affectionate . Since joining the volunteer team, every year she was named the club's Zhangjiagang caring volunteers "outstanding volunteer ."

Early in the morning of April 30 this year , they came to the Zhangjiagang City hayang folk museum, participate in Ya'an earthquake charity , pray for the people of Ya'an . She is one of the key members of the troupe of volunteers , because of their years of hard work and dedication , volunteer their troupe in 2012 was named Municipal Propaganda Department , Municipal Press and Publication Bureau , Zhangjiagang City in the spring cultural troupe of volunteers , as star grade popular theatrical team , was also named outstanding volunteer team of Suzhou .

Shaoyin Feng done mainly in the form of voluntary service for everyone to sing , to bring you a good stage presence , as much as possible to put their own best side show to everyone that she paid a cordial truth . There are a group of trade unions and the Communist Youth League of Vice YAO Yonghong Liu Xin secretary to her home by the costumes , the top in the upper duplex , they were a sight that shocked, just like came to the bridal salon ! They saw no less than a hundred , a variety of costumes and wardrobe , these are purchased at their own expense Shaoyin Feng " belongings ." She told me, " In the past, I also think that a waste of time to volunteer activities , 'd rather sleep at home, sleep late , play with the computer , but my point today is completely changed , sometimes in the evening after the event to 11:00 to get home , and is more difficult, have not come back tired to move, when the eyes of her husband cast concerns and distressed , greeting few words , my heart is full. now understand very meaningful volunteer activities , although we do not have any reward , but gain the best experience . "

I watched a few performances Shaoyin Feng , although not professional actors , but she is full of passion and vitality, the love of life and perception into singing with wonderful public performances again and again as we presented a visual feast field with positive mental outlook shows a lovely image Huachang employees.

Such as Shaoyin Feng has a lofty realm of ideas still have a lot of employees in chang , blood king Xu Jun , Xu Songhua panda blood , courageous Mao Xinxiang , Union City troupe member Yang Xiaodong , Miao Xingguo , etc., each of them in the interpretation of moving story conveys positive energy that people desire .

Moments such as water, may leave a lot of nostalgia . How much dismay , we will be feeling the hardships of ups and downs , miss the ride moved, is such a post, only grateful, but can not reside only be silhouettes , but not demanding.

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