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Independent Group at the party cadres chang warning education seminars

In order to further strengthen the sense of party cadres practitioners , and build a strong ideological line of defense to resist corrosion leading cadres , and November 6, 2013 in the afternoon , Zhangjiagang City, " being honest" propaganda team members , city discipline inspection commission declared classroom Director Xu Wenhu to chang Group , on the " right to exercise powers , build a strong defense of rejection of corruption " as chang Group 56 party cadres for Independent thematic lectures .

Director Xu with a wealth of expertise , the typical case , the popular language from the three aspects of the right to exercise authority, the importance of rejection of corruption and build a strong defense . First, how to look at the current phenomenon of corruption, described the new situation characterized by corruption and content . Second , the city's cadres discipline violation cases . Third, how to better clean off , build a strong antiseptic lines. Director Xu emphasized that the majority of party members and cadres to strengthen the study , faith can not be shaken ; to improve literacy , abandon "section harmless " ; should accept the supervision of power can not be abused ; be in awe , the bottom line can not break ; want to adjust the attitude , Do not mind the imbalance ; should know that retreat , considered a good life, "Seven T account ."

After listening to lectures, participating in the training of party cadres have said benefit, in future work , will actively implement the higher level of anti-corruption plans and requirements , self-discipline to take the lead , take the lead and accept supervision , improve work efficiency, management capacity and service level, to promote entrepreneurship third chang provide a solid guarantee .

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