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Union City conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the General Assembly on behalf of eleven

December 2013 was held from 29 to 31, the convention center in the city of Zhangjiagang City Trade Union Congress of the eleventh ,市四套班子attend the meeting , the Chairman of Suzhou City Union Pan , municipal Yao Shuji were delivered an important speech at the meeting . IIC Report of the Chairman of the Commission on behalf of Union City Tenth entitled " hold high the great banner of workers gather strength for striving Sunan vanguard of efforts to modernize the demonstration area struggle" , and elected the new union committee , IIC was elected President , Chen Jianmin , King Guorong , in Civilian , Ding Feng , Wai Hung was elected Vice-Chairman. Which Ding Feng ( Deputy Secretary for Human Resources and Social Council ) , Wai Hung ( City Civic Center , deputy director of management ) as part-time Vice-Chairman.

Report of the Chairman on behalf of the IIC , reviewed the work and achievements of the past five years , there is a problem , look to the new grand blueprint for the next five years . Report positioning lofty , clear, clear objectives and specific measures solid, emphatic , honestly Love, Cui people march in the city's trade union work pointed to an economic construction as the central task , service workers, to create a harmonious enterprise , achieve bright road of mutual benefit .

Group enterprise unions union president belongs to seriously study the spirit of the report , required by law to perform their functions better trade unions , specifically to do the following eight areas .

One sure our union position in the enterprise , the role in the maintenance of normal operators , maintenance workers rights , maintenance of corporate stability should play role as a link for a harmonious enterprise and make due contributions. Second, insist on the service concept and overall awareness , service workers , business , society, the employee satisfaction , corporate satisfaction , the party and the pursuit of satisfaction as the goal of the union working party committees do not worry, businesses welcome , trade unions organize workers trust. Third, rationalization proposals ( golden ideas ) as the main event will be the starting point of trade union work , to create mutually beneficial win-win situation . Fourth, security is one of the main line of qualified work team-building work of trade unions , safety team is secure foundation , the team is equivalent to grasp grasp a business . Five is a good quality of workers through training , to carry out a good labor competition , improve labor productivity. Six is ​​the collective wage negotiations , democratic management to a new level , to communicate more with corporate executives , treat employees are our chang tradition. Seven is a good hard worker caring , helping the poor continue to polish , caring student activities brand for the enterprise of scrambling for workers problem-solving . Eight is better to carry out sports activities and corporate culture , promote dedication, integrity and friendly philosophy, strengthen social morality, professional ethics and family virtues and individual moral education.

Our vast grassroots trade union cadres ground gas , to understand the dynamic of workers thought to harmony the main line to serve as the key to fundamental workers , workers gather strength for the second start chang new contributions .

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