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Rationalization proposals announced annual review

December 10, 2013 , the company rationalization proposals ( golden idea ) Accreditation Committee held a special meeting , selected the 2013 annual rationalization proposals ( golden point ) winning projects , including first prize three , six second prize , third prize eight , Award of Excellence 3 . These embody the wisdom and staff winning projects of the enterprise spirit of being highly responsible for creating economic benefits for the enterprise reached 56 million yuan .

The award-winning 20 "Golden Ideas " is recommended by the enterprise , from a few hundred out of the preferred proposal , covering business management , aspects of safety and environmental protection, energy conservation, cost reduction and revenue, technological change , technological innovation. Active participation of the majority of employees, the trade union system that highlights the brand became available for all practical " tool" , practicality, economy has been greatly improved. The majority of employees based on actual production and management to solve the problems and difficulties, clear objectives , a solid and highly appropriate measures , which has achieved remarkable success , resulting in a positive impact on employees . This year also further improve the review process , recommended by the enterprise , to observe the scene , " face to face" technology exchange , audit confirmation forms and steps to objectively judge the "Golden Ideas " and " gold" as possible.

The facts show that companies respect the views of the staff , the staff recommended the adoption of a reasonable , willing to spend money to invest , not only by the new technologies and methods , help to remove some significant security risks , and increased economic efficiency, more important is to let the staff person feel respected, encouraged by their enthusiasm for work, which is more valuable than anything else. As Xu Yufang Chairman said: "Enterprise importance of staff rationalization proposals , more staff will look everywhere , good brains, will be more active , more active brainstorming for business prosperity , the enterprise will flourish ."

In the review meeting , ZHANG Guang-yao , general manager affirmed the enthusiasm of both enterprises and employees , he said: . " In a sense, the most intelligent front-line staff cadres and employees are encouraged to develop new technologies, new processes, new methods, new equipment , technology innovation inspire staff enthusiasm . rationalization proposals the sending of ( golden ideas ) some companies are blank , I do not no idea , but not enough emphasis . " criticism of general manager full of expectations, we reason to believe that in the coming year , these companies will turn in an excellent answer !

Front-line employees are the source of the vitality of enterprises , but also the main force of technological progress. Recognition and reward "Golden Ideas " is a business proposal and their fruits of labor of recognition and respect , is to promote the safe production and technological progress, to achieve cost efficiency , an effective way to enhance the full sense of ownership is indeed enterprise priceless.

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