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Xu Yufang attend the eleventh President of Zhangjiagang City, union representatives

Eleventh General Assembly on behalf of the union in Zhangjiagang City Xinyuan resort in December 2013 was held from 29 to 31, attended by representatives of 381 , the company and the union president许玉芳chemical union Yeshi Xun as Vice- chang chang Group representatives attended the meeting , the company Party Committee , Discipline Committee Rao Zhong Chen was invited to attend the opening ceremony and the first plenary session .principal leaders of Suzhou and Zhangjiagang City Union president attended the meeting , party secretary Comrade Yao Linrong made ​​an important speech on a five-year union work are fully approved and ardent hope for future work .

Report of the meeting, the Chairman of Union City IIC made ​​a presentation entitled " hold high the great banner of workers gather strength for striving Sunan vanguard of modernization strive demonstration area " , the report of the five years the trade unions insist on innovation and enhance the image of the union ; play the role of trade unions , service transformation and upgrading ; adhere harmony, safeguard workers' rights ; improve their work style , team building to strengthen the four aspects are summarized , and pointed out the problems and shortcomings . Report of the task the next five years : one is to study and implement the party's 18 , eighteen Third Plenary Session of the Chinese trade union congress, the leading practitioner of the city's workers striving road of socialism with Chinese characteristics . The second is to focus on the development of priority, efforts to promote entrepreneurship and innovation activities , to mobilize the city's workers striving to advance the modernization of the army . The third is to focus on social management innovation , focus on promoting the rights stability work , striving to guide the city's workers who build a harmonious society . Fourth, we should focus on improving people's livelihood projects , efforts to promote service work helping to protect the city's employees become sharers of reform and development . The fifth is to strengthen the vitality of grassroots efforts to promote the construction of the union itself , really good job by the city's corporate services staff development . The overall objective of the next five years is to establish the city's trade union work "Four concept " to grasp the "four booster ." One is to firmly establish economic development , employee benefit concept, help businesses grow and prosper ; second is to firmly establish the scientific activist , to create win-win concept , boost social harmony and stability ; third is to firmly establish the harbor workers, service-oriented philosophy, help workers happy life ; fourth is to firmly establish a solid foundation for the concept of gravity sink , help grassroots rejuvenated .

The meeting elected the new municipal trade union committee and the city overall leadership , Comrade Hua Chang Group Chairman Xu Yufang glorious union union first elected to the City Commission. The meeting called on trade unions at all levels should take development as the theme, harmony main line to serve as the key to workers as a fundamental striving to unite and mobilize the workers to the main force .


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