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Send love and warmth of enterprises

Jan. 8 morning, bleak days, we will both hands hidden in the coat pocket, trying to hold warm, and warm but often naughty between our fingers from slipping away. The temperature chang of helping unabated, warmth condolences to his group took care of enterprises, as always, to carry out "the door, informed, problem solving, warm heart" as the theme of "warmth" activities, by listening, asking and caring, given to the difficulties workers more warmth.

Spring Festival approaching, the sympathy of a corporate action convey the truth, to bring workers is not the same feeling. A loving eyes, an encouraging word, a subtle movements, the heart will be loved stuffed full. Despite the poor benefit some companies, but did not hesitate to give the "warmth" support. According to statistics, trade unions before the Spring Festival huachang condolences difficulties workers reached 184 people, condolences to the amount of more than 160,008 thousand, there are four workers also received condolences Union City.

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