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Group party deployment party democratic appraisal work

January 3 , according to the Party Organization Department , Zhangjiagang , Suzhou Municipal Organization Department " about the year 2013 democratic appraisal of party members do work," the spirit of party committees and timely deployment of the company and asked to do the following three aspects:

First, focus, lay a solid ideological democratic appraisal work , organizational foundation

1 , to seriously study the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighteen . Study and implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighth , is an important political task of Party organizations at all levels of the current and future periods . All units should study and implement the spirit of the plenary session as an important part of democratic appraisal work , organize the majority of Party members to conscientiously study Plenary and General Secretary Xi Jinping series speech, thought and work closely own reality , their own posts , in write " China Dream" of China Chang chapters make contributions .

2 , the Party 's mass line organized special study . Accordance with the municipal deployments , the second batch of the mass line of educational practice will start in February , to plan , carry out good educational practice and democratic appraisal work combine to organize Party members to conscientiously study "on the mass line - important exposition excerpts " " austerity , against waste - an important discussion excerpts ", " Party's mass line educational practice learning Selected Documents " ; carry out mass opinion and the mass line discussion by talk talk , the party council , symposium , etc. multi-channel exchange ideas , listen to opinions , to find enough improvement ideas formed , so that the majority of party members once universally accepted Marxist view of the masses and the party's mass line reeducation .

3 , the education of Party discipline . Through the creation of thematic lectures , organize and guide the party members then turn learn to master organizational relationships , organizational life norms, mobile party management , party policy abroad (border ) party party management , to further clarify the standards and norms of behavior of party members , urging strict party fulfill its obligations , the right to exercise their rights .

4 , to carry out the basic situation of a large survey of party members . Party organizations at all levels to combine the annual statistical work , generally carried out in a sort of party members , party members to turn the basic case, turn out the relationship between the implementation of the party organization , party trends compiled three main information one by one comb ; "problem of party members ." conduct a special investigation , grasp the "three no party " , in violation of party discipline , offered to resign , the basic situation of illegal party develop into different types of party members , lay the foundation for democratic evaluation .

Second, grasp the link, strict party democratic appraisal procedures

First, mobilization and deployment aspects . Party organizations at all levels of mobilization of democratic appraisal work is mainly focused learning , step -reviewed content and comments , so that party members to understand " what to learn ", " assess what ", " how assessment '', " how to use the results . " to prevent and correct to the unit instead of democratic appraisal Pingyoupingxian internal party practices.

Second, study and education sectors . Theme democratic evaluation study and education for the year include : Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighth spirit of learning , the Party's mass line educational practice thematic learning and organizational discipline , learning time less than 6 hours .

Third, the "four assessment four test" link. On the basis of study and education on various grassroots organizations to follow party classified management , integration assessment requirements of Party self-assessment, leadership review , evaluation and mass party organizations recommended assessment activities , respectively, of the annual party members to participate in organizational life , education and training Pioneer practices and contact the service people and other four comprehensive evaluation of the content , draw a party every year composite score .

Fourth, pre- verification link . Zhiwei be found in the evaluation process , " party issue " and recommended " an outstanding member of the" basic situation verified evidence to form a comprehensive realistic materials. Related materials have been pre- party committee before entering general membership meeting link. Be given to the disposal of the organization , " the problem of party members " include: " three no's " party , party unauthorized developments and should be subject to appropriate accountability of party workers . The number of outstanding party members in party committees as a unit, not exceeding 5% of the total number of members determined by the ratio .

Fifth Branch of the General Assembly session. After the pre- party committee agreed to convene a general membership meeting to determine the lattice times the annual review and organize the disposal advice on unqualified members of the party in the form of a show of hands and a ballot form branch resolution.

Sixth publicity approval procedures . To enhance the democratic appraisal of public and impartiality , the grass-roots party organizations within the unit or the party organization , and comment on the results of a comprehensive evaluation of party members for publicity , publicity time is usually 7 to 10 days . Party committees for approval by the end of the publicity consent of the relevant party materials included in my file. Failure by the party for the disposal of Party organizations helping to develop plans , assistance and education work in a timely manner .

Third, strengthen organizational leadership to ensure a democratic party council to achieve tangible results

A focus on optimizing co-ordination. A time when democratic appraisal of the year, the work of a multitude of things , pay attention to the integration of multi-party work force optimization step , the democratic style of performance evaluation and appraisal work , annual assessment, public commitment to promoting the integral assessment and other co-ordination , and plan , carry out the Party 's mass line educational practice organic convergence , both the council carried out according to established procedures , but also to enhance maneuverability , all the work to be practical.

2 , leadership and focus . Party members and leading cadres at all levels should set an example and take the lead in participating in the democratic appraisal grassroots organizations , spearheaded a comment to subordinate party organizations and party members. To combine democratic life years will take the lead in serious study, lead listen, spearheaded criticism and self-criticism, to take the lead to develop and implement corrective measures , set a good example for the party .

3 , focusing on positive guidance . To combine democratic appraisal work actively selected tree number of advanced models , focus on mining in ordinary jobs , the people around to play a vanguard and exemplary role of outstanding party members, so typical of advanced amiable , trustworthy, can learn . To produce outstanding communist democratic evaluation , to organizational units ( departments ) all the comrades to seriously study and strive to create advanced learning , advocating advanced , striving to advance a good atmosphere .

Democratic party appraisal work from now on, to the basic end in early March . After the democratic appraisal of party members , each Party branch , branch to sum ​​up the situation in a timely manner and on March 10 the Democratic party appraisal summary tables and Administration Department reported that the Group .

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